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Edelweiss' Insurance Broker’s Ltd. brings unmatched expertise in Risk Analysis, Assessment and Transfer and a broad spectrum of services from Risk Management to Claim Settlement in Non-Life Insurance.

We are Edelweiss Insurance Brokers Ltd. (EIBL), one of India’s rapidly-growing and paramount Insurance broking companies. In over 12 years of existence, EIBL has excelled in comprehending and anticipating the different risks that our clients face offering them confidence even in turbulent times.

Being a part of a diversified global financial services group, EIBL is exposed to best global practices while it is mandated to operate within stringent regulatory compliance & ethical framework protecting interests of all stakeholders. We take utmost professional care & diligence in designing of insurance programmes and our strong clientele base and year-on-year renewals are a testimony to our diligence.

Who are we?

Bluebox - an initiative by Edelweiss Insurance Brokers Ltd. is an IRDAI approved insurance comparison portal that strives to simplify your journey of purchasing the right insurance policy. With over a decade of industry experience, we offer simplified, understandable, expert, and unbiased advice to empower you to purchase the most apt policy from the most reputed insurance companies in the country. With us on your side, comparing and analyzing quotes is now at your fingertips. Personalize your policy now to avail tailor-made protection from us. Our support team is there to guide you at every step.

What do we do?

We ensure that our customers always get the best comparisons from the top insurance providers in the industry so they can easily find the best deal that is a best fit for their individual requirements. This happens regardless of whether our customers are aware of the finer details of insurance or not. They can be rest assured that they would find their ideal policy. Nothing less. Nothing more.

Why we do it?

To solve the problem of mis-selling and misrepresentation in the insurance industry, we have utilized technology to make insurance more transparent and accessible.

Who do we work with?

We collaborate with best business partners and insurance companies, ensuring our customers get to choose from and compare policies of the most trustworthy firms in the entire insurance industry.

Edelweisss Insurance Brokers Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. It is a member of the prestigious global broker networks Globex International and GBN Worldwide. It offers a comprehensive range of insurance products and corresponding services for institutions as well as Individuals. Edelweiss commenced operations as a Direct Broker, licensed by IRDA in March 2005 and now acting as Composite Broker since May 2016 and with its unique blend of the experience of insurance industry veterans and the enthusiasm of young achievers committed to excel in the field of insurance, it has created a significant niche for itself in the General Insurance Broking space.

Our Insurance brokers are committed to act in the best interests of the client. Analysis and perception of risk is an integral part of their advisory role and helps in fetching favorable pricing and protecting client assets. We at Edelweiss have always provided support services to our clients while upholding and remaining true to our fiduciary duties.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management and Insurance Planning services are important for an organization in order to review its risk management strategies and adopt technical risk management measures. Such measures and strategies help organizations manage risk effectively and profitably.

    Our Risk Management Services include:

    1. Identification of all major internal and external risks
    2. Reviewing of existing risk control measures
    3. Guidance on Risk Treatment and Improvement
    4. Devising Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk Monitoring

    Once a Risk Management program is in place, reviewing it is a vital component of any business continuity plan. Our Risk Management consultants help in devising the Risk Monitoring processes.

    Some of our Risk Monitoring activities are:s

    1. Taking corrective action if required
    2. Determining if risks not previously identified have arisen
    3. Evaluating if risk handling methods are effective or new actions need to be planned
    4. Ensuring risk handling actions have been implemented as planned
    5. Determining if the risk level has changed
    6. Periodic reviewing of the risk control measures
  • Designing Insurance Programs

    We create a platform to discuss risks and business strategy and connect them to design a comprehensive insurance program that effectively protects the company. We have established a review process that ensures the insurance program is constantly monitored so that any changes to the business will correlate with the opted coverage.

    Our Services include:

    1. Analyzing the client's business processes
    2. Providing advice on the existing coverage vis-a-vis the risks and exposures
    3. Scrutiny of all existing major insurance policies with respect to:
      - Rationalization of basic rate of premium and widening of covers
      - Applicability / eligibility of discounts in premium
      - Application of suitable clauses, warranties and conditions
    4. Identification of possible areas for premium refund and suggestions
    5. Selection of insurance coverage on the basis of risk analysis
    6. Providing guidelines on fixing the sum insured
    7. Evaluation of business interruption exposure due to identified risks
    8. Providing guidelines on documentation requirements, procedures for claims under various policies
  • Insurance Portfolio Management Services

    Our Insurance Portfolio Management Services assist clients with the various insurance policies required by an organization, and the management and maintenance of these policies. 

    Our Insurance Portfolio Management Services include:

    1. Organizing premium quotations for insurance placement
    2. Analysis of quotes received from insurance companies
    3. Placement of insurance with optimum coverage at the best available price
    4. Administrating insurance portfolio on regular basis

We take great pride in being a subsidiary of Edelweiss Group, one of India's leading diversified financial services company providing a broad range of financial products and services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutions and individuals. Edelweiss's products and services span multiple asset classes and consumer segments across domestic and global geographies.

Edelweiss was founded in 1995 with an aspiration to become India's first and largest diversified financial services conglomerate. Today, Edelweiss is present in all the significant areas of financial services - Credit, Housing Finance, Financial Markets, Commodities, Asset Management and Life Insurance catering to individuals, institutions and corporates. Edelweiss has an asset base of over INR 55,100 crore with revenue of INR 8,623 crore and net profit of INR 890 crore for FY18. Its consistent performance is evidenced by a PAT (excluding insurance) CAGR of 38% over the last four years.

The group’s research driven approach and proven history of innovation has enabled it to foster strong relationships across all client segments. The group has sizeable presence in large retail segment through its businesses such as Life Insurance, Housing Finance, Mutual Fund and Retail Financial Markets. It serves its 1 Million strong client base through 10,000 employees based out of 433 offices in 23 states. Together with over 13,000+ strong network of partners & Associations, Edelweiss group has presence across all major cities in India.

Since inception, Edelweiss’ operations have been governed by a set of guiding principles that have clarified and eased decision-making, however challenging the circumstances. These set of ten principles ensure that the company does the right things for the right reasons without compromising on the long-term vision.

The Edelweiss brand, built over the past decade enjoys a high degree of awareness, respect and recognition. “Ideas Create, Values Protect,” epitomizes our belief that every idea, however profitable or attractive, must always be reinforced by a strong and sustainable set of values.

  • We will be a Thinking Organization. We will constantly bring ‘thought’ to everything we do. Our clients’ and our own success depends on our ability to use greater ideation and more imagination in our approach.
  • We will be Fair to our clients, our employees and all stake holders. We want our clients and our employees to be ‘richer’ for their relationship with us.
  • We will take care of our People seriously. Our policies - in spirit and in letter - will ensure transparency and equal opportunity for all. We will go beyond the normal goals of attracting, recruiting, retaining and rewarding fine talent. We will ensure that every individual in Edelweiss has an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.
  • We will operate as a Partnership, internally and externally. Though individuals are very often brilliant, we believe teamwork and collaboration will always ensure a better and more balanced organization. We will also treat our clients as partners and show them the same respect and consideration that we would our internal team members.
  • We will focus on the Long Term. Though the world will change a lot in the coming years and our assumptions for the future may not hold up, we will reflect on the long-term implications of our actions. Even when making short-term decisions we will be aware of the long-term implications.
  • We will focus on Growth for our clients, employees and shareholders.
  • Our Reputation and Image is more important than any financial reward. Reputation is hard to build and even harder to rebuild. Our reputation will be impacted by our ability to think for our clients, maintain confidentiality and by our adherence to our value system.
  • We will Obey and Comply with the rules of the land. We will maintain the highest standard of integrity and honesty. When we are unclear we will seek clarifications.
  • We will respect Risk. Our business is going to be a constant challenge of balancing risk and reward. Our ability to constantly keep one eye on risk will guide us through this fine balance.
  • Our Financial Capital is a critical resource for growth. We will endeavor to grow, protect, and use our financial capital wisely.
  • We are defined by the Experience our customers have with us. We will strive to make it outstanding at all times.
  • We will listen to our customers. Listening is the start of the relationship wherein we understand their needs and fulfill these with the most appropriate products and solutions.
  • We recognise that we need to satisfy the Needs, sometimes conflicting, of all stakeholders; shareholders who entrust us with their capital, employees who create the organisation, customers who are the reason we exist and society which has given us the resources and opportunity to create value.



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